Faculty Coordinators

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Faculty of Architecture - Architecture and Urban Planning
Piotr Trojniel, Phd Eng.
e-mail: E-MAIL: trojniel[at]piasta.pl

Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering - Civil Engineering
Beata Backiel-Brzozowska, PhD Eng.
e-mail: b.backiel[at]pb.edu.pl

Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering - Environmental Engineering, Landscape Architecture
Joanna Szczykowska, PhD DSc. Eng.
e-mail: j.szczykowska[at]pb.edu.pl

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - Mechanical Engineering
Zbigniew Kulesza, PhD
e-mail: z.kulesza@pb.edu.pl  phone. +48 85 746 92 13


Secretary (Faculty of Mechanical Eng)
Agnieszka Sakowicz, MA, room 338 (Faculty of Mechanical Eng.)
e-mail: wm.erasmus@pb.edu.pl  phone + 48 85 746 9214

Faculty of Engineering Management - Management
Anna Kononiuk, PhD
e-mail: a.kononiuk@pb.edu.pl

Faculty of Computer Science - Computer Science

Magdalena Topczewska, PhD Eng.
e-mail: m.topczewska@pb.edu.pl


Faculty of Computer Science - Computer Science (Foreign Erasmus students)
Joanna Karbowska-Chilińska, PhD
Room 117 (Rector Building)
e-mail: wi.erasmus[at]pb.edu.pl


Faculty of Electrical Engineering - Electrical Engineering

Urszula Błaszczak, PhD Eng.
e-mail: we.erasmus[at]pb.edu.pl


Foreign Language Centre - Polish language course, foreign language courses
Alina Jabłońska Domurat, MA
room 6, second floor CNK Building
e-mail: a.domurat[at]pb.edu.pl