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International cooperation in frames of scientific agreements with partner universities



Bialystok University of Technology peruses a policy of development, promotion and internationalization in the field of  research and education.

We  are involved in research programs and international  cooperation with more than 100 academic and scientific centers in Europe and all over the world. We conduct the international activities according to the provisions of our agreements on cooperation in the sphere of science, technology, didactics and in order to develop international research works and implement new technologies.  The agreements of cooperation enable us organize  joint projects, consultations, trainings, publish the results of research initiatives, exchange professors and students. The most intensive cooperation we have with our neighboring countries like Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, however recently, we have been  strengthening our high-quality relations with a few Chinese universities.

We are open for all initiatives to establish a new scientific and research cooperation  and partnerships. 

Partner relations with academic and scientific centers enable  us to implement a great variety of activities.


 Scientific cooperation:

This type of cooperation is based on implementing scientific subjects from various fields. The BUT Faculties have now been implementing approx. 50 work plans as set out in the details of the cooperation, at the same time allowing for joint scientific research, implementation of new technologies, publication of joint scientific works and papers, mutual exchange of experience, and exchange of students or staff. Within the framework of the implementation of the scientific and technical cooperation, BUT staff members have been going abroad and also foreign students have been visiting our University;


Student internships:

Short-term, bilateral student internship programmes in cooperation with 4 Russian and 2 Ukrainian universities are currently open. Under these programmes, students participate in conferences, seminars and classes; depending on their specialisation, students also visit different objects: sewage treatment plants, construction sites, firms. Each of the BUT Faculties has been engaged in active collaboration with various scientific centres in Russia.


Student exchange:

Within the framework of a number of cooperation agreements, students can benefit from one- or two-semester mobility periods. The particular agreements specify whether tuition may be free.


Summer schools:

- Polish-German-Belarusian Summer School

Students and staff of the Faculty of Forestry of Bialystok University of Technology in Hajnowka have co-organised and participated in 3 editions of an international summer school in Poland, Germany and Belarus. The project was the effect of cooperation of 3 national parks: Valley National Park (Brandenburg, Germany), Bialowieza National Park (Poland), and Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park (Belarus) as well as of 3 partner universities located in protected areas: the Faculty of Forestry of Bialystok University of Technology in Hajnowka, Belarusian National Technical University in Minsk, and Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development.
The main purpose of the project was to disseminate the knowledge of ecology, forest biodiversity, and protected area management.


-Polish-Chinese Summer School

The Faculty of Management of Bialystok University of Technology, together with the School of Management of Zhejiang University Ningbo Institute of Technology (ZJUNIT) from China, have organised summer schools on logistics for their students in 2015. In 2016,  Ukrainian university, the Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University  joined this project.


Exchange of scientific and academic staff:

Within the framework of several agreements, exchange of visiting professors is organised. Professors from China, USA, and other countries have given lectures at BUT. Also BUT professors visit our partner universities in order to conduct scientific and academic work.

The Faculty of Management has hosted a visiting professor from the School of Management, Ningbo Institute of Technology, China, and a professor from the Tianjin Chengjian University, while the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering has been visited by 1 professor within the framework of the ‘Raising the potential of universities as a factor in the development of knowledge-based economy’ project. We have also hosted scientists representing the University of Mississippi, University of Pittsburgh, University of Maryland and Cleveland State University, who have given lectures at our University.