How to apply to Erasmus+ programme at BUT?


Application for Erasmus at BUT for the academic year 2018/19:

1. Application in ELAM system:  

2.  Prepare Learning Agreement online in ELAM - choose courses from academic year 2018/2019 and click on "Apply with current LA".

If there are no more places available for the course you have chosen, ask coordinator for an extra place.

Max. number of credits per one semester: 36 ECTS.

Documents without the online application cannot be accepted, because the online system is used for booking places in the courses you selected.

- Read Annex: End Notes before completing Learning Agreement for Studies.

- Read about photo requirements.

3.  Print from ELAM and sign Accommodation Form if you want to apply for a place at BUT dormitories.

4.  Prepare a scan of ID (EU countries) or passport (non-EU countries)

5.  Send us by e-mail a good quality colour scan (PDF files) of:

1. Learning Agreement for Studies signed by you and the faculty coordinator (printed from the ELAM system)

2. Application Form for Erasmus Students (attached below)

3. ID / passport

4. A digital photo (don`t forget about the photo requirements)

Important: the accommodation form (printed from the ELAM system) must be sent to the following address:

You don`t have to send us original documents by post, a good quality colour scan is fine with us!

s.zuazo[at] (Programme Countries - EU)

a.gniazdowska[at] (Partner Countries - nonEU)

1)      digital picture.doc

2)      annex end notes.doc

3)      Application-form-for-erasmus-students.pdf
( Save this form on the disk and run the Adobe Reader programme. All fields must be completed. If you don`t have this programme you can download from here: ).



Plik Digital picture.docx, Plik AnnexEndnotes.docx, PDF icon application-form-for-erasmus.pdf